Elemy, LLC is a new and exciting development company that takes the term “vertically integrated” to a new level. 

Building projects always begin in the same manner, with someone saying, “I have an idea.” At Elemy, LLC, we’ll nurture your creativity, bringing your awesome construction ideas to life. We pride ourselves on being your go-to partner for all steps of property management, acting as a one-stop shop for everything you need to open a new business. Our ambitious team will facilitate your new business ideas through expert planning, problem-solving and collaboration. Our ultimate goal is to help simplify your building process with a communicative project scope.

From re-purposing properties to initiating marketing strategies and real estate development, Elemy, LLC has a wealth of incomparable expertise in project management. Our team understands the importance of getting your project done right, from beginning to end. We have established a reliable network of communication, coordinating with local governments to ensure zoning is correct for all our construction sites. Whether it involves researching demographics or contacting city hall, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your property fits its intended end use.

Elemy, LLC has the experience and the drive to make your business dreams a reality. With a team this talented, our construction capabilities are endless. Call us today at 630-992-7516 to get started with a new building project.



Branding construction involves highly specialized, strategic project management. Founded by Joel Frieders and Jeremy Jensen, Elemy, LLC is the property development company you need to keep your building project on-track. Idea-driven, we specialize in helping both investors and tenants evolve their development processes from broad to specific. Our team will even assist in creating your marketing plan, facilitating design.

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Building concepts must have a solid foundation, built on creative ingenuity and determination. At Elemy, LLC our team of visionaries will help streamline your innovative business ideas, always keeping your key success measures in mind. Our team is highly-skilled in project facilitation, with unbeatable experience in build-outs and installations. We have the capability to build everything in-house, and have valuable connections for any processes that fall outside of our realm.

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Property development requires expert organization, project planning and communication skills, just three of our contractors’ greatest strengths. At Elemy, LLC, we aim to simplify the merger of concept and location for property development. You may have an incredible idea for a new business, but no idea where to build or a purchased property lacking a finalized construction plan. Either scenario, our dedicated team is here to help guide your building project, every step of the way.

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Thank you for your interest in Elemy, LLC. Our team would love the opportunity to service your building project. Please fill out our contact form or call 630-992-7516 to get started.